American Top Team Gulfport Reviews

My boys love it. Have been here two years now and couldn’t ask for a better set of coaches and staff!

Tiffany Lynn

My son has been training for almost a year. The confidence and focus he has gained as a result have carried over into every other area of his life. To witness his progression convinced me that this was something we needed to do as a family, so I finally jumped on board this month. I couldn't be more thrilled with the decision! The instructors are top-notch and I am so happy to be a part of the Alan Belcher MMA Family!

Jacqueline Johnson

Great BJJ and self defense for women! Mike and Ann Sanford are two of the best people I've ever met and fantastic instructors! They do everything in their power to make sure you get the most out of their classes as well as the gym! Alex Harrell is great with kids and it's fun watching him teach them. His adult kickboxing classes are great and he's funny and uplifting to be around! 
Will Cruthirds is an amazing instructor as well! He has an obvious gift in fighting and teaching! He also makes sure everyone feels welcome! I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to learn some things under his instruction!

Dana DeBois

The kids LOVE IT! During the week they ask if they have class today. They can not wait to go back. 

DA Abernathy

Great place. My daughter goes here. I absolutely love the people's attitude.  She does Jr. MMA. I know will be a life enriching lesson for my daughter. She is gaining confidence in her body. The teachers are engaging and fantastic.

Donna Cole

Kids Martial Arts Gulfport

10/10 Would definitely recommend this gym! My son just had his last class here, and loved every minute of it! Great instructor, awesome kids, and a wonderful environment to learn in.

Hope Butler

Gulfport Martial Arts

Met with Mike today for my free training session and it was so good, I walked out with a year membership! I love it! Looking forward to growing strong, healthy and fit with ya'll!

Jonnette Smith Verdigets

Kids Martial Arts Gulfport

Best gym around Biloxi-Gulfport area. Great instructors and very well-run programs for adults and kids.

Joe Fullerton

Gulfport Martial Arts

It is an awesome gym with outstanding teacher and great people

Joshua Steven Maguire

Gulfport Martial Arts

Not only a martial arts gym but a fitness and wellness gym as well. Great kids program to have them learn discipline and have a fun time. They have brazilian jujitsue under the Moraes brothers, some of the best known instructors in the world. Also no gi jujitsue with a huge competition team all ages. Muay Thai striking classes taught under the curriculum of world renowned Duke Rofus striking program Rofusport. Fitness kickboxing classes with schedules that fit anybodies time with great motivating instructors. Iv been at this gym for 3 years and it's definitely changed my life and has helped me find my passion.

Trent Fairley

Kids Martial Arts Gulfport

Had an amazing experience at a women's self defense class. Met some incredible ladies who shared their knowledge and appreciated the heart behind all of it. Thanks to Ann, Rebecca, and Deb who helped us gain some confidence with a few beast moves in self-defense. Highly recommend!

Hannah May

Gulfport Martial Arts

I like the family environment with Coaches who really care about me. I also love to make friends and train with other women who enjoy martial arts and want to stay in shape.

Ann Sanford

Kids Martial Arts Gulfport

Joining Alan Belcher, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. A year later, I am still going strong! It is a hard working environment with a great staff! I would recommend to anyone looking to jumpstart their health and get into shape!

Carson Thrash

Gulfport Martial Arts

Both my boys love coming here and the Coaches are all great especially Ryan and Alex. My wife started taking the kickboxing class as well and she loves it. Coach Jerry is also awesome. I really enjoy brining my family here.

Gary Wright

Kids Martial Arts Gulfport

Been going for about a month now, and it's fantastic. First workout I actually force my life around to fit into it, instead of letting other things interfere. All of the instructors are wonderful, make you feel completely comfortable, and really want you to succeed. They all have slightly different teaching styles, so you get a well rounded experience.

Amanda Touchette

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